Dictionary of Essential Japanese Expressions

JLPT Level N4 Expression List

I have compiled and formatted this Expression list (and added my own definitions) from the now outdated exam specification book: Test Content Specifications (Revised Edition), The Japan Foundation and Association of International Education, Japan (2004).

As of 2010, there is no official expression list. This list is an approximate guide (based on past exams) that is likely to match requirements for the Level N4 exam.

# Expression Definition
1 いってらっしゃい。 A farewell greeting
2 いってまいります。 I'm going now
3 おかえりなさい Welcome Home
4 おかげさまで Thanks to you
5 おだいじに Take care (if someone is ill)
6 お待たせしました。 Sorry to have kept you waiting
7 おめでとうございます。 Congratulations
8 かしこまりました。 Certainly Sir/Madam
9 それはいけませんね。 That's no good
10 ただいま。 "I'm home" (said when returning home)
11 よく、いらっしゃいました。 Welcome
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by Peter van der Woude
Updated: 2016-5-19

Corrections welcome