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What's New? (Update History)
Date Update Details
  • Level N5 - Added 3 readings. Removed 1 reading which was actually from 1 level higher (ie a mistake)
  • Level N4 - Worked on grammar pages - links to the grammar explanation within the sentence now show in a window with the original sentence in the title above it- which I think is a much better experience (Unless you're on a touch-phone, which I may have a think about)
  • Completed the new N-level update. Decided to add N2 (the menu looks a little wide, but it's not an urgent issue)
  • Partially updated the site to use the new levels (beginning with n). I will only be doing N5, N4, N3 - and I'm currently busy working on N3 material (which has to be invented since there are no official lists). The old levels 4 and 3 are being 'redirected' automatically to the new levels 5 and 4 respectively.
  • More enhancements to quiz - answers now also revealed inside the question text (as well as highlighted). This is so that the correct sentence can be read and understood after the test is completed.
  • Rewrote the quiz program. A little nicer to use and will get better. Improvements so far are: answer labels clickable (not just little radio button), better feedback/colors (now works on Internet Explorer)
  • Readings (levels 3/4) now have a button to reveal the answer ('Toggle Answer')
  • Level 3 - Links to grammar explanation are now 'inline', that is, the words themselves are hyperlinked instead of in a separate column (ongoing work)
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by Peter van der Woude
Updated: 2010-12-11

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